Business is personal

Clever people often like to quip that “business isn’t personal.” That’s total BS, of course, business is personal. A business is an organization trying to turn a profit. An organization is a collective of people working together toward a common goal. Geez a bunch of people working together, people, of course, that’s personal.

What I think people often mean with that quote is one of two things on the positive side it is: don’t take business rejection, failure, etc. personally, just because you didn’t make the sale, or the business failed doesn’t mean you’re a loser. However there is also the negative side, and we’ve all heard people hide behind that mantra when they’re intentionally or through inaction taking advantage, those folks have the opinion that every interaction is a zero sum game and they want to pile up “wins.”

Business is intensely personal I have yet to think of a single occupation or way of life that doesn’t involve the constant interaction between buyers and sellers. Admit that business is personal, try not to be a jerk and stop repeating stupid phrases.

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