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After years of Private Equity ownership, the firm accelerates growth and margin improvement in advance of an IPO

We worked with a client that had been taken private by PE firms and held for several years.  Although they had weathered the economic crisis, they had seen stagnant to slow growth and minimal margin improvement.  The funds were eager to divest but they were missing the growth story for the road show.


While a number of bolt-on acquisitions had added to the top line revenue, growth in many businesses had slowed.  Divestitures simplified the business giving it a sole industry focus and had liquidated cash for investors but the real profits were in the primary business.  Knowing that investors are always looking for a growth story we found ways to quickly increase revenues while simultaneously decreases costs to improve margins and profitability.

  • Client Focused:
    Acknowledging that our business grows when our clients succeed led to better decision making around client support, cross sales, and partnerships.
  • Sales Growth
    Incremental sales growth is great but is typically offset by client attrition.  Real growth comes from new client acquisitions so rebuilding the sales team as well as their incentive structures allowed new folks to come on board and drive new growth.
  • Capturing “synergies”
    Years of acquisitions, big small and in-between meant lots of “synergies” capturing those, via service and technology consolidations, organizational redesigns that allowed for additional cross-selling and joint recognition, as well as general cost reductions.


Soon, employees had a closer and stickier connection to their clients than ever.  Centers of excellence have been designed and staffed to work on clients across product or region.  Sales had exploded off the charts.

By the numbers, the results:

  • Productivity improved more than 15%
  • Tens of millions of dollars in cost savings.
  • Yearly sales growth of +15%
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