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In keeping with our highly transparent, client-centric approach we only use value-based fees. We will not quote you an hourly rate and we will not look to needlessly pack hours or meetings or documentation into a project.  Our fees are simple, as part of the proposal we determine the value to you and we take an equitable fee (typically a percentage) of that value.  Simple, straight-forward and honest, we benefit when you do.  Our fees can be contingent upon success, i.e. a portion of the fee is payable after you’ve seen the results and to further long-term alignment we are also willing to accept a significant portion of that fee in equity.  We truly believe in our work and the impact that we can have on you and your organization. 

Private Equity

We are experts in helping PE firms maximize the value of their portfolio companies.  Whether it’s due diligence, cost reduction or growth, we partner with funds to drive improvement quickly.


Strategy consulting is all about boosting sales and growing revenue.  We help you shape and position your products and services in a way that increases sales appeals to and wins new clients.

Process Improvement

We help companies innovate and improve upon their processes, with and without technology.  “You cannot improve what you cannot measure” data drives our analysis and recommendations.

Operating Assessments

Short-term, high impact engagements assess where you, your team and your business truly are.  Bench-marking your company against competitors and across industries to point out where you’re winning and losing.


Working on either the buy or the sell side, our due-diligence process meets risk with cost effectiveness to give you and accurate, yet concise picture of your upside and downside.

Location Strategy

The buzziest of buzz-terms refined:  Are you building your business in the right place?  We can help you decide, move or reposition, and capitalize on new opportunities.

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