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Each and every client, situation and problem is different and so should be the solution.  We don’t carry around binders of previous work hoping to find another home for it, we build custom solutions for our clients.  We tell clients what they need to hear, not what is convenient, not what others have said or what we have sold before.  Does our work fit a pattern? Of course – many of our clients’ greatest success stories have been in organizational re-design and process re-engineering but the dozens of projects that have solved those problems were each developed individually to fit the organization and team.

In broad strokes our methodology combines both a top-down and bottom-up approaches in a novel way that aligns the business’s strategies, with managers’ day-to-day goals and the general staff’s personal goals.  Marrying long-term strategy with day-to-day tactics mean our recommendations stick.  Our projects range in time from hours or days to weeks – our longest projects tend to end within six months.  We’ve found that a tremendous amount of work can be done with focus and attention over a short period of time and that when projects get marked as “long-term” or span multiple quarters both their goals and effects can get muddled or worse completely lost.

Location Strategy

The buzziest of buzz-terms refined:  Are you building your business in the right place?  We can help you decide, move or reposition, and capitalize on new opportunities.

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