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Investor & Independent Sponsor Services

Investors, family offices, and independent or fundless sponsors come to us for our due diligence, assessments, deal support, interim management and post-acquisition services.

Whether you’re an investor looking at make a significant investment in a public stock, and independent sponsor looking for ad-hoc support and rapid assessments or a family office investing in a private company we have tailored our work to your needs.  For investors we provide inside-out analysis, due-diligence and peer review your model, thesis and expectations. We’ve supported independent sponsors and family offices with deal support, interim management as well as Radical Diligence, pre and post-acquisition support, analysis and planning.

Radical Consulting helps investors to minimize risk and maximize value.

We have supported both passive and activist investors in their investment decision making.

For passive, long-term investors we have performed detailed analysis and due-diligence similar to that of a research analyst.  This enables our clients to make decisions based on facts, not feelings or biases.

With activist investors, we dig even deeper to not only assess pitfalls and potential but to build out plans to actively achieve those goals. Having worked on successful proxy contests we know what it takes for your board members to win and for you to drive real change at the company.

If you’re a family office that is branching out of sponsored investing or the public equity markets and entering direct private investing we can support you from A to Z.  We can provide manager assessments, company and executive diligence, financial modeling and deal support, pre and post-acquisition strategy and short-term interim or turnaround management.

The life of an independent or fundless sponsor is difficult, we know because we’ve been there.  Finding a company is the hardest part but it is also just the beginning.  We’ve  designed a specific program and fee-structure around the independent sponsor that enables us to provide detailed, timely and cost-efficient support for your deal whether that’s helping you with due-diligence (pre or post LOI), deal support (modeling and reporting to support capital raising), short and long-term planning and strategies to drive value in the company as well as management and board support.

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