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Our operating and financial assessments are short-term, high impact engagements designed to assess where you, your team and your business truly are.  If you’re a new executive, a new owner or investor these programs are designed to quickly (typical engagements are 3-9 Weeks) benchmark your organization against competitors and across industries to identify where you’re winning, where there is room for improvement and what you need to stop doing.

Range of industries

Private Equity
Financial & Professional Services
Consumer Products
Activist Investors

Operating & Financial Assessments

Over the last decade, we have developed a methodical assessment approach which quickly and surfaces problems and opportunities with minimal disruption to the organization.  Our assessments are short-term, typically 3-9 weeks yet very high impact.  We do not just leave a powerpoint with a list of ideas at the end of our engagements we start to enact change from Day 1.

Delivering Immediate Value

Typical consultants deliver an end of project assessment, along with a proposal for additional work and fees to “further identify or operationalize the potential changes.”  We provide value.  Our clients have routinely seen 7-15% improvements in cost and revenue following our assessments.  Our goal is a 5X return on our fee implemented before we leave.

Analysis beyond the powerpoint

Our operating assessments look at how you and your teams deliver to your clients.  We start with client interviews and work backward up the value chain to your executive management team.  From there we can quantify and document the interactions across your organization and give mid/long term views on how to re-engineer or reorganize your organization.

Next up we perform deep dives to look at your revenue, costs and profitability to determine throughout the flow where (and to what level) you are profitable.  This goes beyond activity-based accounting to give you visibility into your business unit, team and personnel productivity.  This is where we realize a majority of our short-term improvements.

For us, process re-engineering is the proactive and methodical way in which we improve an organization’s internal processes.  Everything can be broken down, simplified and improved.  When we do this we also look at the way that teams are structured which leads us to organizational design.

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