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All consultants claim to have thought leadership in one or more categories, niches or processes.  We divide ours into two areas, what we can Radical Insights which is composed of macro level thoughts, problems and solutions that face our clients and Think Radically which is a collection of tools, tips and models to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to put to use some of the knowledge and methodologies we’ve used to help clients in the past.

Radical Insights

Driving Revenue Growth

We recently completed a project for a corporate client seeking to drive sales. The company had seen very rapid sales and revenue growth for years which had dampened recently with the influx of competition. They were comfortable with their margins and hesitant to reduce prices in the gamble of growing revenue. They were constrained on

Business is personal

Clever people often like to quip that “business isn’t personal.” That’s total BS, of course, business is personal. A business is an organization trying to turn a profit. An organization is a collective of people working together toward a common goal. Geez a bunch of people working together, people, of course, that’s personal. What I

100 Day Plans are dumb

100 Day Plans are Dumb.   There, I said it.  Despite writing and developing them over and over again for dozens of different companies and executives, I think 100 Day Plans are ridiculous.  First off, 100 days? Completely arbitrary, why not 105 days, or 60 days? Is it 100 Calendar days, so roughly 3.25 months

Think Radically

Building infrastructure while growing

In building and construction, it’s pretty hard to get too far out in front of yourself. You can’t build a roof and then build the walls underneath it. In almost every other industry that’s not the case, generally, you can make the sale and then through will and determination deliver the goods. But what about

Sales Channels & Walled Gardens

When you’re starting a business, you typically come up with an idea, find a customer and try to make a sale. Then you want to sell more, so you have two options, sell more to the same (first customer) or find other customers that are pretty similar to that first for new sales. You can

Strategy through Objectives and Measurable Results

Long Range and strategic planning have become nearly obsolete.  The old method of having a team of people “strategizing” and developing long-term plans is outmoded.  By the time they’ve written those plans and developed implementation procedures things have changed. Or worse, they never consulted the people on the ground, and the plan doesn’t fit.  The

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